Gluten free chow mein inspired stirfry

This dish is NOT paleo. It may be gluten free but still contains soy. You’re welcome to try coconut amios instead, but make no guarantee as to the sauce taste.

Anyway, I really wanted to make a gluten free chow mein type dish for my daughter. She was complaining how she missed lo mein, so this was my attempt to replicate it.

Gluten free stir fry sauce:
1/3 cup tamari sauce (I use San-J which is certified gluten free and nongmo)
1 tb minced garlic
1/2 tb sesame oil
☆optional feel free to add 1 tsp ginger

Chow Mein (noodles ended up soft and lo mein like):

☆be aware you need a wok for this recipie you could probably make it without, but would have to cook everything separately.
Meat or tofu (I used chicken for mine)
Spiralized vegetable of choice (I used a purple sweet potato which dyed everything in the pan with it)
Assorted vegetables of choice (I used frozen, broccoli and carrots, but would be great with fresh vegetables and bok choy)

I poured about half of the sauce into the pan and used it to cook my chicken. Then added the sweet potato noodles and vegetables once the chicken was almost done. I poured the rest of the sauce over and kept stirring until everything was cooked.


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