Spiralized apple breakfast parfait

So I just got a new spiralizer. The huge kind that takes up counter space because the little hand one I had was impossible so I spent money on premade vegetable noodles at the store. So I’m telling you this because I’m likely to be spiralizing everything for every meal for weeks lol.

On to today’s breakfast. I spiralized a cored apple into noodles. Now the one issue with my spiralizer is that aside from that little stick thing of fruit/vegetable the crank doesn’t actually make it all the way to the blade leaving me with a larger piece left over.

With apples that leaves the perfect piece to stuff with nut butter! Just put a little in the cored out hole and enjoy!

My daughter wanted a parfait bowl…I tried explaing its usually in a cup, but hey if she’s happy I’m happy. We used unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt and udis vanilla granola then topped it with apple noodles. It looked kinda like a nest so we added a little extra granola to the middle of the “nest” on top!

This was a fun, easy, and tasty breakfast! 


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