Matcha melon madness

This morning I wanted a beverage that was hydrating and had caffeine. I was tired and going to a run. So hydration and caffine seemed equally important. I also wanted some protien to help as well. This along with a light breakfast was perfect for me. This drink would make the perfect midday pick me up on a hot day!

•1/2 tsp Matcha
•1 cup warm water
•frozen melon of choice
•2 scoops collagen peptides
•coconut water
• 4-6 basil or mint leaves
Blend matcha/warm water until mixed. Add mellon, collagen peptides, and leaves of choice. Blend adding coconut water to mixture so it will keep mixing.

For mine I used watermelon and basil as it was what I had on hand. The flavor is a bit unexpected, but refreshing. I tried this without the basil and the extra flavor is definitely needed to get the taste right!

☆I ended up with 3 16oz servings 


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