smoothie tip: freeze your greens!

When I buy greens I buy an enormous package.

Of course then they go bad quickly. So to avoid spoiled, unused vegetables I freeze them in easy to use cubes!
It’s really easy to do! I blend all of my greens in my vitamix with just enough coconut water to get it to blend!

Then pour into icecube trays and freeze!

I used two huge packages, a a small single serving container of coconut water, and got more than 3 icecube trays full! I only have 3 trays so I put the pitcher in the fridge to wait until my trays were frozen. Once my cubes are finished I store them in a labeled freezer bag. 1-2 cubes is plenty of greens for any smoothie I make!! You’re certainly welcome to put as many cubes as you like, just be aware that they are super concentrated so its a lot more in a cube than you may realize!!


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