Green dream smoothie & unicorn take 2

​Green dream smoothie:
•1 ripe banana (very ripe bananas are perfect for smoothies I keep a stash in my freezer)
•1 tsp chia
•1 scoop collagen peptides
•Coconut water
☆feel free to add other powders you enjoy spirulina, beet powder, etc.

Then blend and enjoy! Thickness depends on if your ingredients are fresh or frozen.

So on to the second “unicorn drink” I used all fresh ingredients in my smoothie so it was super thin. My daughter asked to add more color like the unicorn drink.

We poured the green smoothie in then made a super thick pink smoothie  (I had to use a spatula to even get it out of the blender) out of a pinapple, strawberry, peach mix in my freezer and vanilla almond milk.

We poured the pink smoothie into the green (definitely works better to just pour the thin liquid followed by thick)

Then we topped it with rice whipped cream matcha powder and my pink dehydrated coconut powder like sprinkles.


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