Blender matcha

Today was rainy and cold. The kind of morning where you question if you really NEED to wake up. I decided against a smoothie and decided to make myself some matcha instead. I don’t ever drink coffee, only tea, and don’t do well if I over do it with the caffeine so matcha isn’t an every day beverage for me but makes a good pick me up for days like today when I need an extra boost.

There are tons of matcha latte recipes out there, but this is the way I make mine. Traditionally you use a bamboo whisk. But, I wanted something simple and tasty that I could whip up in my blender!

1 tsp matcha powder (I use superior culinary grade)
1/4 cup Hot water
Honey (optional to sweeten to taste)
1 scoop of collagen peptides
1 cup warm Milk of choice*


Put matcha into the blender and pour hot water over it. Blend until mixed thoroughly.

Add honey, collagen peptides, and half of your milk blend again.

Pour into cup.

Froth the remaining milk in your blender and pour it on top!

I will be honest most mornings I don’t care about having a perfect looking latte. Instead I just put all of my milk in and blend until frothy!…so trust me no judgement if you follow me in taking the lazy way out!!

*So I use my vitamix to make this matcha which means I can get it super frothy no matter what milk I use, but if you’re using a typical lower powered blender canned coconut milk is creamiest!


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