“peanut butter toast”

So I’ve really been really slacking on posting these past few weeks. I’m working on some muffin recipies that I’m hoping to perfect and share soon, but every recipe isn’t always a hit, to get a good recipe there tend to be a few flops on the way.

So on to today’s recipe. This isn’t technically paleo or gluten or peanut free the way my 4 year old eats it. But, it would be super simple to make work for your dietary needs!

So this recipie was invented by my 4 year old and myself. She absolutely loves toast….and peanut butter. So one morning she insisted that she needed toast with peanut butter instead of butter in it. This recipie was acceptable to her, but I couldn’t stomach it. I also felt it lacked something healthy. 

So one morning when we had some strawberries that needed to be eaten I figured we’d try putting them on (I mean people like strawberry jelly/jam with peanut butter, but this is better because it has no added sugar). It was amazing! It not only taste good, but the protien helps make a single piece a filling breakfast or treat.


Bread (feel free to use paleo/gluten free)

Peanut butter (or other nut butter)

*Strawberries (depends on size of berry and thickness you cut)

○Cut strawberries lengthwise. This works best. Depending on how sweet I want the breakfast I cut the strawberries into slices of varying thickness. Thin strawberries being less sweet, thicker being sweeter.
○Toast your slice of bread.
○Spread nutbutter of choice on your bread

○Lay strawberry slices on your bread so that no nutbutter is exposed.

*you don’t have to use strawberries, I just find they work best. You can use many other fruits: cut raspberries in half and lay them on top, use slices of banana, or any other fruit you enjoy!


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