diy  dietary friendly unicorn drink!

​So all of the kids and tons of adults are going crazy for the unicorn frappuccino. I will be honest I really don’t get it. It seems like when my toddler says her favorite flavor is pink and will only eat the “pinkest popcicle”. However, it is pretty looking and kids are all dying to try it. Which leaves my nondairy eating middle schooler out of the fad. I orginally intended to make a paleo version as a challenge and I think it turned out alright  (to the delight of my non dairy kiddo), be aware that mine in the photo didn’t use a paleo friendly whipped cream, I used a canned soy one, I don’t use soy a lot but since diy coconut whipped cream wouldn’t give it the right look I let my daughter have soy whipped cream. This is up to your discretion as you’re the one making it!

(Sour) Blue: one dragon fruit, lemon juice (to taste) and natural blue food coloring (could also use green apple in place of dragonfruit for a more sour flavor I would say dragonfruit is like a hybrid of a cucumber and a kiwi in flavor so mine was quite mild)

 I just used a beet based food color because it was what I had. However, it was more of a purple so I would suggest spirulina, blue algae, or traditional chemical food dye to get the true Starbucks unicorn blue.

I made my blue before bed and put it in a jar in the fridge to make it easier to make the drink the next morning!

(As I said I was disappointed with the color and found myself wishing I hadn’t used a natural dye as blue dye doesn’t cause anyone in my home issues)

(Sweet) Pink: 5-6 very ripe strawberries, mango (preferably very ripe as well), ice, non dairy milk, honey (optional: chia seeds and/or scoop of collagen peptides) add extra strawberries or red coloring to make more pink (I was pressed for time and let things land where they may)

When pouring, pour some pink in the glass, a splash of blue (aimed towards the sides of your glass), then more pink on top. The super thin nature of the blue vs the thick pink will create a custom “swirl” in each glass!

Use nondairy whipped cream on top
“Sprinkles”: matcha, beet powder, spirulina, or other healthy colorful powder you wish to sprinkle on top! I used matcha powder as that is what I had on hand.

This tasted ok. But it was the worst smoothie I’ve ever made. If I were to make it again I’d replace the mango with very ripe bananas guaranteed better flavor and color. I really only used it to mimic the mango syrup. All in all it turned out fine. Kind of like the impressions I hear from those who drank the original some people hated the flavor others thought it wad ok…but not astounding. If you were to use banana want a mango syrup to pour over the whipped cream buy a can of 100% mango juice from Trader Joes!

In my opinion the above picture was actually most visually appealing and “color changing” I poured my left over pink into the blue!


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