Cooking with peeps

*So this week, with Easter coming, we used peeps to make desserts. (Totally not paleo, but fun for the occasional treat none the less)

So we started with making rice krispies per the recipie found here:

They turned out cute, but for some reason my purple didn’t turn out vibrant!

Inspired by the rice krispies I decided to make peeps inspired kettle corn! We ran into the same problem with the purple lacking vibrance! We only used pink and purple to make it “princess popcorn”

I used the air popper and filled it to the max line and made popcorn (about a bag of popcorn worth)

Next I put 2 purple peeps and a tablespoon of “butter” into a bowl and microwaved it for 45 seconds.

I mixed about half of the popcorn in the mixture so that it was lightly coated with a bit on each piece. Then I laid the popcorn on parchment paper.

I did the same with the pink peeps and the other half of the popcorn.

After all of the popcorn was laid out on the parchment paper I sprinkled sea salt onto the popcorn and mixed it all around before laying it back down on the parchment paper.

I then let it sit for about 10 minutes to let the peeps set so the popcorn wouldn’t be too sticky.
2 peeps of any color
2 peeps of a second color
2 tablespoons “butter” we use soy free earth balance
Full bowl of popcorn (air popped is preferable)
Sea salt

This is certainly not a healthy treat or paleo. But it was a lot of fun to make with the kids! I could see saving peeps to make fun colorful popcorn for birthday parties as well! 


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