Trying halotop

So I will be making and posting the paleo version of the stew tomorrow night. But today I tried halotop ice cream and wanted to share my opinion. Everything I had read was raving reviews so I decided to give it a try. While the more fun flavors would be preferable to my taste I was able to get a hold of vanilla and strawberry this weekend.
I was so excited to try this ice cream! My excitement may have been part of my problem. I was so intrigued by an ice cream that was borderline healthy.
I tried the strawberry first. The flavor was good, but it lacked the creamy texture I love about ice cream. I put it on a plain waffle and despite it’s texture it was dreamy.
Today I tried the vanilla and was exceedingly disappointed. The flavor was disappointing, add in the lack of creamy texture and it was less than ideal. I did put it on a brownie, which helped a lot, and might attempt using it to make a milkshake. I will certainly never buy that flavor again, in fact I’m unsure I will even finish the pint. (Which is extra disappointing with the cost of it).
So my overall analysis of it is that the flavored ice creams may be worth a try. But the need to put them with something else may not be conducive to dieting.
Of the two flavors I tried, I can only recommend the strawberry. I am still planning on trying some other flavors from Wegman’s or Whole Foods, but only if I see them on sale.


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