Paleo version of my Grandpa’s beef stew

So I already shared my regular version of the stew, which I admit is still my favorite. But, this version is still tasty and is close to the orginal while replacing the nonpaleo ingredients with paleo friendly options.

With its Bisquik, wheat flour, potato, and green beans the traditional version of this stew is certainly not paleo. Honestly, I’m not certain on green beans as they are legumes and should be a definitive no I’ve seen claims that are they are still paleo. Therefore, while I do not use them in this recipie, you can have them feel free to include them in your version (I personally prefer the green beans to the asparagus). This however is the completely paleo version!

Beef chuck or precut stew beef
1/2 a lemon or 1 tb of lemon juice
1 box paleo vegetable stock
1 onion cut into pieces
1-2 parsnips
1 bag of carrot sticks or 2 carrots cut into small pieces
6 asparagus cut into small pieces (about the size of frozen green beans)
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp rosemary
Coconut, almond Flour, or paleo friendly flour of choice (you can go without this as well)
Olive oil

Just like the other version you must sear the beef first. To prep your beef for searing cut it into small pieces (unless you got precut stew pieces). Then if using it cover each piece in your “flour”. Put a bit of olive oil in a pan on medium-low heat and brown your beef on both sides. As you finish place your beef in the bottom of the crock pot.

Cover the beef in parsnips, carrots, and onion.
Then pour in your vegetable stock, lemon juice (squeeze juice no physical lemon should go in), oregano, and rosemary. Add water to ensure everything is covered with liquid.
Cover crock pot and turn it on low for 7.5 hours

Now add your asparagus into the pot.
Cook on low for 1 hour more

Once the asparagus are done cooking enjoy your paleo friendly dinner!

***add salt or chipotle powder to taste


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