Grandpa’s beef stew 2 ways

Growing up one of my favorite things my grandpa would cook was beef stew. Unfortunately, someone borrrowed the recipie card from my mom and never returned it. My grandpa died years ago so I certainly can’t ask him for the recipie, so over the past few years I have worked to replicate his beef stew it to the best of my ability without really having much to go on other than memory.

I have officially achieved a stew that brings back all the taste I recall and brings back fond memories of my grandpa when I eat it. I have also created a paleo version as my grandpa’s stew wasn’t gluten free and certainly not paleo. 

I will share both version’s with you but in 3 post. Mostly because putting both in one post would likely become confusing. So I will be making both this week and will add both links below:

Traditional recipie  (not paleo):

Paleo version:


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