leftover paleo sweet potato chili

It was snowy today, so I wanted to make something warm for dinner. I didn’t want to eat the leftovers in my fridge and I wanted to use my crockpot. So I turned the leftovers into a paleo chili or as my kids call it “hamburger soup”. If I say we are having chili my kids won’t touch it with a 50 foot pole, call it hamburger soup and they ask for seconds!

So moving on to the chili. This would be easy to make from scratch without leftovers as well:

For my meat I had leftover ground beef in my fridge. My husband made a pound of meat into a meat sauce and a pound of taco meat over the weekend. I had 2 cups of meat sauce and about 3 of taco meat left. I would say if your going to make this from scratch make a pound of ground meat seasoned with paleo friendly taco seasoning and you’re good to go.

To go with the meat I grabbed my last 3 sweet potatoes  (2 purple/1 orange)
An onion
A clove of garlic
And 2 handfuls of carrot sticks

I cut them all into small pieces and threw them into the crockpot, with all my leftover meat. Then I poured in a 28 oz can of crushed tomato. Then I filled the can about half way with water and used a spatula to mix it with any leftover tomato than poured it into my crock pot.
I cooked it on high for 4 hours.

This tasted good on its own, but if you can have cheese it is good topped with mozzarella or cheddar cheese. (What else would you put on “cheeseburger soup” lol)


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