lunchbox paleo: EASY eggless chicken salad take 2

I don’t want lunch to become stale so I created another chicken salad recipie with a bit of asian inspired flair.

Like last time I cooked my chicken in the frying pan with a bit of olive oil. However, I seasoned it quite differently this time. While still cooking I put a bit of sea salt on the chicken, some coconut aminos (these are a paleo soy sauce replacement), and some garlic powder.

For my vegetable I used carrots again, though if I’d had some I’d prefer to have used celery. With my carrots I added a drop of seasame oil (this oil is somewhat controversial I suppose for paleo so feel free to leave it out, I just felt it added to the flavor I wanted) and a little more of the coconut aminos.

Once the chicken was done I added it into the food processor and put some in an avacado for my daughter. I then took a handful of pecans and added those to blend with the rest of the chicken salad to put on my salad.

If you’re not eating paleo but eating soy/egg free feel free to throw some mandarin oranges and fried noodles on your salad!

No matter how you eat it you will enjoy this simple chicken salad!

And if you haven’t checked it out already you can find my first chicken salad recipie here:


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