lunchbox paleo: EASY egg free chicken salad

I’m packing my daughter’s lunch and we’re trying a paleo chicken salad in an avacado instead of using bread. For myself I’d just eat it in a bowl or on a salad, because I can’t stand avacado, but she loves them! 

So this was a bit of an experiment on my part as standard mayo isn’t paleo, I have no interest in making it, and the Primal Kitchen brand mayo is not easy to find in any nearby stores. This was super simple to make and I think it turned out very well!



Olive oil

Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning

Sea Salt

Garlic Powder


Onion Powder

Carrots (I used baby ones to make things easier)

I put some olive oil in a frying pan with a 3 pieces of chicken. I seasoned them like I do my crock pot beef with Trader Joes everyday seasoning, some garlic, onion, sea salt, and a bit of extra pepper. I would suggest seasoning to your taste.

While the chicken was cooking I stuck 7 carrot sticks in the food processor. Once the chicken was done I threw it in with the carrots.

You could easily add some onion to the food processor with the carrots and I’m sure it would taste great! Sadly my daughter despises onions, so I could only use the powder to season!

I put some on half an avacado for my daughter and the rest in a container so I can eat mine over spinach with some broccoli salad sprouts.

It is seriously that easy!


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