cake toppers

Despite my enjoying paleo as I’ve said before we don’t live it. I enjoy the occasional treat and while these are far from healthy for the occasional treat they won’t hurt anyone without dietary restrictions to eat on a piece of birthday cake!

So I have always gone all out for birthday cakes. I used to swear by fondant. But a few years ago I discovered that when it comes to making 3d objects to put on a cake candy is the way to go. Laffy taffy, starburst, and airheads are all great to work with. They also taste a lot better than fondant or gum paste. Saturday is my daughter’s creative galaxy birthday bash (It’s an amazon kids show about art). So I thought making little edible crayons would be fun. I was going to do paintbrushes as well but they didn’t turn out well at all. The crayons turned out ok. But not as well as the angry birds characters I made a few years back.
All I did was roll out the candy  and cut it into tiny pieces.

I then pinched the end on one side into a point similar to a crayon. I used another type of candy that was similar in color and flattened it to wrap the “crayon” to form the wrapper.

I found the airheads had the most hard consistency and the starburst the stickiest. While the airheads worked well for the crayons and the starburst didn’t work as well. There are still projects where starburst work better than airheads. See the example below from when I made angry birds characters using starburst and laffy taffy.

 No matter the candy you choose to use be sure to put it in the fridge on some wax paper. Keep it cool until you place it on your cake/cupcakes.


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