breakfast hash experiment…

So paleo has no potato. Sweet potato is ok, but not your standard potato. Any way I’m searching for something to have with eggs. (They make me super sick if I don’t eat them with a carb), but when it comes to paleo eggs are an easy go to breakfast.
I’ve found recipies that use plantain in place of potato and ones with sweet potato. The taste of the plantain is closer to typical potato than sweet potato, but not quite starchy enough for my stomach. I think I’ve found the perfect combination by using both!

Make a tasty breakfast hash by combining the following ingredients (feel free to pick and chose based on your taste).

A plantain, a sweet potato, an apple, 1/2 an onion, kale, and/or spinach in either olive or coconut oil.

When combining these ingredients the plantain/onion take the longest to cook and the kale/spinach the least.

I start cooking the plantain until it changes to a yellowish color and the onions until they become translucent. Then add pieces of sweet potato and apple. Once the sweet potato is soft add your leafy greens.

Eat with eggs and/or a side of nitrate free breakfast meat.

Just cooking the sweet potato and apple with a little cinnamon also makes a sweet side dish or dessert.


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