Apples for your sweet tooth

I’ve been craving junk food lately. But I want to be eating a relatively healthy snack. So today for snack I made the perfect snack to satisfy all of my cravings. I put nut butter in the center of a bowl (almond butter works well) then surround it with apple slices. Then add dark chocolate chips (enjoy life are allergy friendly and paleo friendly). Then just dip your apple slices. Then use a spoon to eat any leftover dip (think peanutbutter cups). If you just want to use a spoon cut your apple into tiny pieces and mix them in! For a non dipping/less dishes version core your apple and cut it in half before covering it in nut butter/chocolate. 
This snack satisfies my sweet tooth and is very filling. Great for days when I know I’ve got hours to go until my next meal!


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