snow day

Today I was off work and the oldest had a school closure. It makes the perfect day to bake. We used baking mix for pumpkin bread and added chocolate chips. But we also made my favorite thing to bake with kids. Banana bread!

My 2 year old got to mash the bananas.

The older two took turns pouring and mixing.

My 2 year old attempted to smash the walnuts with a wooden spoon, she had fun but lacked the strength to really crush them. So my 4 year old finished the job.

Now the house smells of freshly baked warm bread. We all get to enjoy before we venture out into the snow. I’m so glad we got this unplanned day for cooking fun. It is the first time I have ever included my 2 year old and she loved it!

I can’t wait to think of new ways to include her in cooking. Especially as I develop new recipes to share with you.


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