Love Food

As long as I can remember I’ve had a love of food. Not simply eating, but the joy of enjoying a meal with people you love, the presentation, and even the process of making the food itself.

I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving more than any other holiday, even as a young child! I enjoyed helping in the kitchen and learning to make new things. By high school I loved baking, but also making foods I cooked not just taste good, but look good as well!

In the past few years I realized my oldest child’s digestive issues were being worsened by eating dairy. Even butter cooked into something causes a reaction! This created a new challenge for me as dairy is in so much! This lead to me discovering paleo.

While my family doesn’t live on a Paleo diet, I have grown to love making the recipes. It’s simple ingredients and the fact it is free of many allergens makes it fit everything I love about food. It has the ability to bring everyone (even with dietary restrictions) together to enjoy a meal.

So get cooking and share what you’ve made with those you love!